Surface Safety Valve

When oil & gas is leaking or firing, used for security protect on well site.
?  Have hydraulic safety valve and pneumatic safety valve per different driving source.
?  With heat sensitive and high pressure explosion-proof equipment.
?  Have two parts of actuator and preparation valve, can replace and repair standard interface.
?  Working pressure: 2000PSI~20000PSI
?  Nominal Bore: 1.13/16"~7.1/16"(46mm~180mm)
?  Working Medium: oil, natural gas, mud and gas containing H2S,CO2
?  Working Temperature: -46°C~121°C(Class LU)
?  Material Class: AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
?  Specification Level: PSL1-4
?  Performance Reauirement:PR1-2
The cost of introducing:
The contact about this company is Fees Information, you must spend a small amount of money to obtain it. Click Here to see the price table.
Contact information:
Jianhu County YOUYAO Petroleum Machinery Factory
road 8 bridge east Jianhu County Jiangsu Province[0]
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