model directly acting pressure reducing valve YZ11X

Date: 08 Sep 2009

一、 Purpose  

The water used pressure reducing valve made in this factory is used for various building’s water supply systems, fire-fighting systems, central air-conditioning systems and warming systems. It is used for the pressrue reduction of branch pipes so as to have the water supply pressure more reasonably distributed, avoid over-pressure for partial water supply and optimize the water supply quarters of high buildings and can replace the frequency-adjusted speed variable water pump of the quarters and the water pump of the quarters in a fire-fighting water supply system. When used for the household water supply system, it can protect all tape halters and other water utensils.

二、 Feature

1. Use a directly acting membrane structure, with very simple internal structure,without jamming, reliable performance and durable.
2. Dirt-resisting and water filth preventing, no need of a filter and a by-pass pip-e, very simple pipe-fitting, saving a great deal of space and pipe-fitting cost.
3. Precisely adjustable outlet pressure, which is not influenced by the inlet one,in general conditions (the variable of the output pressure is 8% of/ P1).
4. Extremely good hydraulic performance, small pressure loss, the pressure reduc-ing ratio can be up to over 10:1
5. Capable of satisfying multiple pressure reducing requirements, specially suitable or the branch-pipe pressure reducing system.

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