SJKX lntermal-slot type pressure discharge/sustain valve

Date: 08 Sep 2009


Used in a pipeling system to prevent it from surpassing pressure or keep the pressure of it,to reduced the water hammer’s shock after the pump is closed and also and also used as a water hammer remover for a large wate supply system.On the inlet of the valve’s control system a self cleaning fitter screen is placed,which,by means of the bigger specific gravity of the luid,stops the suspension grains of a bigger specofic gravity and diameter going into the system to ensure the main valve’s water supply pressure at a set value to get the system smoothly circulated without any resistance.This valve features sensitive open-close,safety,reliability,stable motion and long duration.


1. Able to accurately keep the set safe pressure unchanged.It will quickly open to discharge the pressure once surpassing.
2.Atably and reliably closed to remove the residual pressure.

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