Siemens Intelligent SIPART PS2 power (gas) valve positioner

Siemens Intelligent SIPART PS2 power (gas) valve positioner valve aerken of Beijing Co., Ltd., one of the main products, our intelligent SIPART PS2 Siemens Electric (gas) valve positioner marketing all over the world, widely used in the chemical, oil, water supply and drainage and other fields.

SIPART PS2 valve positioner smart request compared with the tender:

Valve positioner manufacturers of the technical performance requirements and Siemens SIPART PS2 valve positioner smart performance as follows:

Siemens was asked to tender SIPART PS2
1 for high-precision electronic positioning system; highly integrated microprocessor digital electronic positioning systems
2 Location and feedback also can be divided into one body can be installed together
3 with automatic adjustment and manual proofing, operation with automatic calibration function and manual proofing (no additional equipment), operation function
4 bring their own air filter and filter may be necessary in addition to the pressure gauge, pressure gauge can be matching (modular)
5, its input and output must be the 4-20ma current signal of its input and output is the current signal 0/4-20ma (two-wire, four-wire system optional)
6 degrees in the -30-70 environment trouble-free operation for -30-80 degrees in the environment for trouble-free operation
7 with anti-electromagnetic interference with anti-electromagnetic interference
8 Anti-ability temperature drift and temperature drift and the capacity of anti -
9, water-proof, dust-proof IP65 protection grade ability

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the Siemens smart positioner SIPART PS2 also has the following characteristics::

Angle straight trip itinerary and the implementing agencies to adopt the same type of valve positioner, direct trip itinerary and angle just a few simple parameters, this increase in applications of interchangeability, flexibility;

Installation is simple, highly automated calibration, and maintenance-free operation, which means that to save time, the application of convenience;

Three buttons and two-line LCD display enables easy operation and programming;

Zero-bit and visit with the scope of the manual and automatic adjustment function;

With selectable or programmable output characteristics;

Self-diagnostic function;

Minimal air consumption;

And control variable settings may limit choice;

Valve can be set up, "close off" function;

Dead zone can be set up;

Online adaptive process means that even in the harsh environmental conditions can also achieve high-quality control;

SIPART PS2 locator within the parameters of curing many of the features available, the positioning device can be simple and flexible configuration, such as the valve characteristics, trip limit operation or sub-process;

Temperature and air pressure change on the SIPART PS2 locator can be ignored;

Main technical performance
Input signal :0-20MA ,4-20MA
Supply pressure :1.4-6BAR (140-600kpa)
Free flow: intake valve: pressure from 6bar (600kpa) to (0kpa) for 5.5NM / H
          The valve: the pressure from the 1bar (100kpa) to (0kpa) for 5.NM / H
Under steady-state air consumption: Single: <3.6x10N.m / h (0.6L/min)
                    Dual role: <3.6x10N.m / h (1L/min)
Response time :2.5-40s
Trip :10-120mm; 0 degrees -90 degrees
Installation position: arbitrary
Cable entrance: M20X1.5
Electrical connection: screw terminals 2.5 mm3
The working environment temperature: -25 - +80 degrees
Explosion-proof grade: the safe EExla / lb ii CT4, T5, T6 (in line with EN50020), explosion-proof type EExd
Shell protection grade: IP65
Case Material: glass fiber reinforced polyester
Weight: about the machine 1.3kg; function selection module; install firmware about 1.3kg
The cost of introducing:
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