Proportion pressure first pilot valve

BYX proportion pressure first pilot valve by proportion electro-magnet,Valve coreComponents composition and so on valve seat and valve bodyProduces by the proportion electro-magnet becomes the proportion with the input current on the action of force valve coreThe change valve seat aperture realizes the different pressure rankUses in connecting the proportion control hydraulic system pressureMay make the small current capacity system directly (<4L/Min) the pressure control valve or makes the pressure first the pilot valve use
Use matters needing attention

The amplifier initial current maintains about 1.2A
Leaves the plant when the valve components have movedLike has the change,Alignment procedure as follows:Opening machine front promotes first the valve seat 1~2MM, After opening machine inputs the suitable magnitude of current first (for example 0.5A) then slowly the precession valve seat,Until the system rises to the pressure for to
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