Overflow valve

Outlines the Y2 overflow valve to use the balanced tapering shape structure,Its pressure control for manual,This valve work is reliableThe performance is stableAlso has the volume stepThe weight is light,Low noise,Maintenance service convenient characteristic The overflow valve in the hydraulic system is a kind of essential important part,Its main function is maintains the system pressure to stabilize the overflow function or to prevent the system pressure overload,Plays the safekeeping of security role Synopsis HY series discharge The overflow valve is the cone-way valve superimposition which and specially makes in the Y2 series overflow valve foundation but becomesIts work is reliable,The performance is stable,Also has the structure to be compact,The volume small weight is light,Convenience characteristic and so on uses and servicesIt mainly is suitable in the hydraulic system in the accumulator discharge system and the height combination pumps the discharge system A system threshold energy under <= 31.5Mpa pressure normal workAmbient temperature 20 C to +65 C;Actuating medium 20 or 30 hydraulic fluids and so on,Normal oil temperature 50 C earth 5 C transports the viscosity 17~32 thousandth of a Yuan industry,Filters the precision not to have to be lower than 30 microns Two turns on lathe the modulation to press the handwheel to be possible to change the valve the discharge accent to decide the pressure,When dextrorotation the pressure advances,When laevo rotatory pressure dropThe replacement accent presses the spring to be able to obtain the different pressure control scope Three series valves P for overflows the oil mouth for oil in,0,A pumps the connection for the accumulator connection or the high and low pressure combination to install the ledger wall the size,Installs the ledger wall sample according to the pressure control valve
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