Battery solution cross valve

The battery solution cross valve is the forerunner by the electromagnetism cross valve to produce the valve and the fluid moves the valve combination but to become,Introduces the fat liquor impetus main slide valve movement by the solenoid valve,Causes the main feed commutationIs suitable in the great current capacity hydraulic system
Matters needing attention

The battery solution cross valve installment should maintain the spool thread to assume the horizontal direction,Does not permit slanting or the vertical direction installment Should guarantee the beginnings and ends have the enough disassemblage space,In order to disassembles the end cover or replaces the electro-magnet
Pipe connection attachment point, Prohibition use paintHemp silkThe seal adhesive tape and so on takes the thread seal
Regarding function M,K and H valve,In like uses supplies the oil form,Should on the main valve return line
Two kinds supply the oil and two Zhong Xieyou two forms,May combine the use separately
Main structure variety

The battery solution commutation forerunner solenoid valve is H68.B10H plants
The battery solution cross valve control electro-magnet has doing and the wet type two kind of structuresThe work power source has the exchange,Direct current two kind of patterns
The battery solution cross valve has two tubing crosses not to have the spring,Three tubing crosses springs to medium and travelling schedule adjustment three kinds,Latter may draw support from the adjusting screw to change the valve core the motion distance,By adjusts the turnover valve the current capacity,Plays to the role which reduces expenses to modulate velocity
Move the valve in the electromagnetism pilot valve and the fluid between the control,May join the damping regulating valve,By controls the main valve core the commutation speed
Because it has used the independent control date single place valve structure,Therefore has a series of merits:

Passes the current capacity to be big,The resistance to flow slightly is suitable in is big,Center current capacity hydraulic system
Responds quickly, The static dynamic characteristic is good,Performance adjustment convenience
The leak-proof good host flow channel may realize does not have the revelation
The integration rate is high,The technology capability is good,The interchangeability is strongSystem reliability, The stability is good; Also can make the function to carry on the superimposition quickly,Combines the system at will
The anti- pollution load is strong
Besides may use the hydraulic pressure mineral oil medium,Also may use Gao Shuiji the medium Existing inserts installs the valve part to have the directionCurrent capacity Pressure three big kind of functions
The cost of introducing:
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