The Top Drive Valve

Date: 26 Jan 2010

The Top Drive Valve is made from special high quality alloy steel,fully heat treated and
machined to meet or  exceed API specification. Its one-piece body design ensures  maxinmun
strength for safety and reliability.
   The  vave utilizes positive,reliable metal to metal seals for upward and  downward press
ures,providing dependable high  pressure service.It has a pressure  rating  of 10,000psi or
15,000psi  and  its shell is tested at the factory to 15,000pis or 22,500psi respectively.
The bore of the valve body and all  internal parts are special plated to prevent damage from
corrosion and have a long life service.

Contact information:
Mudanjiang Xinbeifang Petroleum Drilling Tool Co., Ltd
No. 138, Yangming Street, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, China[157013]
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