In-Pole Flat Valve

Date: 01 Dec 2009

Non-rising stem slab gate valves manufactured by jiangsu yidelong petroleum machinery co.,ltd . areavailable in temperature classes L, P, R, S, T, and Uspecified in API 6A. Gate valves to be used in the 350OFor 650OF high temperature can be supplied on request.Fire-proof gate valves also can be supplied to API 6A.Gate valves manufactured by our company are avail-able in 2000psi, 3000psi, 5000psi, 10000psi,1500psi and20000psi working pressure, material classes from AA through FF, product specification levels (PSL) from 1through 3 and performance requirement (PR) 1.
Simple structure and renewable gate and seatassembly
One-piece and double-acting gate with long servicelife.
Both thrust bearings with large load capacity andcomposite rubber-plastic stem lip packing minimize op-erational torque.
Bearing cap is provided with a grease cup to makeit easy to inject lubricating grease in the field.
Threaded packing gland allows removal of bear-ings and stem packing under line pressure.
Both the bolted bonnet and modern bonnet seal ringprovide simple structure and reliable sealing.
The sealing surfaces of the gate and seat arehardfaced for wear and corrosion resistance.
Wave springs are installed between the body andseat and between the gate and seat. The gate and seatstill maintain a positive metal to metal seal under lowpressure.
   Floating gate design requests the hand wheel to bebacked off 1/4 turn after its rotation can go no further.

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