Electromagnetism overflow valve

Date: 17 Dec 2009
Electromagnetism overflow valve also electrically controlled discharge overflow valve,Is is composed by the solenoid valve and the overflow valve,Uses in the hydraulic system discharge or the increase,The electromagnetism overflow valve is different according to the use may divide into H (Chang startxing) and 12 (often close mold) two kinds, The electro-magnet electromotive force divides into exchanges 200V and direct current 24V H electricity overflow valve,If the electro-magnet does not electrify,The solenoid valve clears,The pilot valve does not have an effect first,Overflow valve discharge,If the electro-magnet results in the electricity,Solenoid valve closure,The pilot valve has an effect first,Then overflow valve decides under the pressure in the regulator to workI2H The electricity magnetic current valve working condition and H is opposite,Then becomes the H solenoid valve valve core tone assemblyI2H This structure is compact,May reduce the pipeline connection,Assembles easily,Anti- system impact,Reduces the pipeline the vibration The YF long-distance pressure-regulating valve is race's small translation type overflow valve,May with the overflow valve remote control mouth connection,In host surplus valve pressure hypothesis scope,Realizes the long-distance pressure control The overflow valve remote control mouth causes with the cross valve to the valve to cause its and the fuel tank connects time,May cause the oil duct discharge,Treats as the discharge function The overflow valve remote control mouth connects with the direction valve and several long-distance pressure-regulating valves,May realize the height pressure ladder control Replaces the long-distance pressure-regulating valve the regulator festival spring,May change the overflow valve the pressure control scope
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