Wellhead Control Panel

Wellhead Control Panel
(P/N: A2011 Non-testing Machine Products )
· API RP14A Subsurface Safety Valve Equipment, Ninth Edition, December 1994
·  ASME Boiler and Pressure Vesser Code
  ·  National Electrical Code (NEC)
·  API RP 14C

This unit is designed as ESD (emergency shut down ) system as per latest technical specifications and the actual working conditions. Apply to the effective control of SSV (surface safety valve), SCSSV (surface-controlled subsurface safety valve) and wing valve.



·  Well opening can be achieved by hand/electric/air-operated pump, meanwhile, it features pressure self-maintaining and automatic compensation, if a pressure drop occurs due to the ambient temp drop or leakage, the accumulator will automatically compensate the pressure

  ·  The high and low pressure sensors are installed on the wellhead oil transmission line, when the pipeline pressure is higher or lower than the set value, the high and low pressure sensors will cut off the control circuit quickly, thus, the wellhead is turned off.

·  If a fire occurs on the wellhead, and the fusible plug will be melt when the ambient temperature is reaching the melting condition, so that to shut down the wells.

·  Automatic pressure release.  Surplus high pressure will be released to maintain the wellhead normal operation whenever temperature changes or mis-operation happens

·  Suit high and low temperature environment. A wide range of temperature from -30~60℃.

·  Stainless steel and rational structure design effectively isolates the natural gas and power, safer and explosion-proof.

·  Control types: single well with single valve, single well with multi-valve, and multi-well with multi-valve.

·  Both manual control and remote control --ESD system are available for emergency shut down.

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