Single seat control valve

Detailed Product Description :
Product Description
Shanghai DaTian Valve Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd.

Single seat control valve

Detailed Product Description:

Electric pneumatic single seat (sleeve) control valve is made up of lower resistance through single seat valve or lower resistance sleeve valve attached PS or 3810 series actuator (Germany). There is a servo magnifier in the pneumatic actuator and input control single (4 - 20mA DC or 1 - 5V DC) and single-phase power to control the pressure, flow, temperature, and liquid level.
This valve is widely applied in power, gas, industry chemical, metallurgy, environment protection, light industry, teaching and scientific research areas.

1) Style: Through inverse S-cast valve
2) DN: DN20 - 200mm
3) PN: PN1.6, 4.0, 6.4MPa
4) Connection way: JB78-59, JB/T79.2-94 concave style
5) Material: HT200, ZG230-450, ZG1Gr18Ni9Ti, ZG0Cr18Ni12M02Ti
6) Normal temperature: -20 - +200 drgee C
7) Heat elimination: -40 - +450 drgee C
8) Gland style: Bolt compression style
9) Pecking: V-pattern PTFE, soft graphite, stainless steel mellows
10) Core style: Upper guide single seat ram core or upper guide single seat sleeve ram core
11) Flow characteristics: Equal percentage, linearity and quick opening
12) Actuator:
A) PS series, 3810, ZAZ (within DN100) or DKZ (above DN100) series electric
Angle stroke actuator
B) 3810 series are explosive proof

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Shanghai DaTian Valve Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd.
Zhuqiao Industrial Zone, Nanhui District, shanghai, shanghai, China [201323]
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