lntermal-slot ytpe multi-functional control valve

Date: 08 Sep 2009


The motion performance of theis valve is similar to the hydraulic control valve.It utilizes the self pressure inside of the pipeline and the pressure differential between the control rooms of upper and lower cavities to control the movement of the main disc and forms each series valve via the different functions of the by-pass pipeline and the pilot valves of various different structrures so as to bet to the target of various requirement.Availiable with silencing/hammer removing/slow-close check valves,water level control valve ,pressure discharge valve,electric remfire-fighting,water works,warming,steel and irom,electic power,petroleum,chemical industyy etc.


●Of slow-open function,settling the conventional problem for people to close valve and open pump;
●Of slow-close function,capble of artificially adjusting the close time,automatically realizing slow-close and removing water hammer;
●Of a good sealing performance and no one drop of water leaks after being closed;
●Senstive,safe and reliable motion.Without any out-of-control condition;
●No need to artificially operate ,all automatic work during the complete process for the pipe network to run;
●Both outside and inside of the valve and the all easily corroded parts are coated with epoxy resin powder;
●Removable seat ring of an exquisite structure,easy repair and replacement(no need to remove whole valve);
●Vertically or horizontally mountable in the pipeline,with the reliability kept urnchanged.

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