Control Valves

Date: 25 Aug 2009

Neway Control Valves includes: Ball type Control Valve, Regulating Ball Valve and high performance butterfly series. Such as electric or pneumatic single Seated globe valve, Cage guided globe valve, Multi Stage globe valve, V type Regulating valve, Triple Offset Revolving Butterfly Valve, Low-load Regulating Butterfly Valve. Neway owns vacuum, Helium Mass Spectrometer detecting, Automatic CV on-line test, NDE, High Pressure test, High and Low temperature test and fire safe devices and systems.
Design Standard:
Products Range:
Ball Type Control Valve:
Size: 0.5 ″~ 16″
PN: 150LB ~ 600LB
Temperature Range:-196℃ ~ 538℃

Butterfly Type Control Valve

Size: 3″~60″
PN: 150LB ~ 600LB
Temperature Range:-196℃ ~ 600℃
Design Feature:
Excellent Throttling or on-off Control Service

Applicable in Liquid, Steam or Gas Services

Optional Bellows, Jacket and Extension Design


Chemical, Medicine, Food

Contact information:
Neway Valve(suzhou)CO.,LTD.
No.999 Xiangjiang Road, Suzhou New District,P.R. China[215129]
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