Dongying Complex Petroleum Equipment Co. , Ltd

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Dongying Complex Petroleum Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a special company engaged in petroleum equipment manufacturing and drilling & extraction equipment technical service. The company keeps favorable cooperation relationship with various domestic oil fields such as Shengli, Daqing and Jilin etc., and possesses strong product sales potential. And the company also maintains stable sales channels for drilling & extraction products and long-term cooperation relationships in both North America and South America regions.

  Major business of the company comprises: Research, development and manufacturing of oil & gas extraction and collection equipment; production and sales of drilling bits used in oil filed drilling; repairing of drilling equipment and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment; design and manufacture of petroleum drilling & extraction tools; and relative import and export business. We have strong ability in design of intelligent meters and instruments, application of single-chip computer, design and application of sensors, design of numerical control equipment, and design of PCB etc.

  The tenet of the company is: Quality first, Credit first. And we will provide high quality product and sincere service to out customers based on advanced technique and scientific management. And our customer will obtain the largest benefit using the least cost.
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Room 328, Weihao Building, No. 1076, North 1st Road, Dongying District, Dongying City, Shandong Province,China[257000]
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