chock valve

Date: 01 Dec 2009
Choke Valve:
  The choke valve, a main component of Christmastree, is design to control production rate of the oil well,with working pressure up to 10000psi. Choke valvescan be classified as follows: adjustable choke valves and positive choke valves. By rotating handwheel todrive the stem, the adjustable choke valve is designedto adjust the effective area available for the flow to ac-complish control of production rate. The positive chokevalve is design to accomplish control of production rateby changing flow beans.
  The coupling nut used for connecting the bonnetand body allows fast make-up and break-out
  Stem tip and bean adaptor are fabricated from spe-cial carbide alloys for corrosion and abrasionresistance.
  Indicator lens with scale marks allows the operatorto know stem's position and actual orifice area
  Turn handwheel counter-clockwise and the valvewill open; turn handwheel clockwise and the valvewill close.
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