Multifunction Stratum Finger Protector

Date: 03 Aug 2009
    This invention relates to a kind of leakage protection well cleanup check valve specifically designed for oil well thermal flushing and paraffin removal. It is normally used in combination with a packer or well cleanup leather cup. It is installed on the tubing string below the oil well pump and above the packer. This valve provides five kinds of functions and can protect the oil reservoir effectively and maintain normal production of the oil well.
II. Functions
1.Communicate the oil jacket space.
2.Maintain smooth production of the tubing.
3.Discharge sediment sand from above tubings.
4.Prevent well flushing fluid from entering into the stratum.
5.Carry out automatic throttling of oil jacket during fierce bleeding of the tubing, prevent oil well agitation or breaking down.
III. Characteristics
1.The oil jacket keeps communication at normal time to realize liquid level restoration, jacket pressure measurement, back flushing, back medicine feeding.
2.During production, the liquid passage is completely clear and let the yield fluid passing by without any barrier.
3.During pumping stoppage, sediment sand can drop down into the well bottom through this valve to prevent sand burying.
4.During back flushing of the well, it can close the yield fluid passage automatically and prevent the well flushing fluid from entering into the oil reservoir.
5.During fierce bleeding of the tubing, it can carry out oil jacket throttling automatically, and effectively control fluid compensation into the tubing through the throttling orifice, and gradually restore the liquid level inside the tubing, prevent fierce fluid discharging of the oil reservoir under big pressure difference, and avoid oil well agitation or breaking down.
IV.Technical Parameters
Valve body O.D.:112 mm
Threads on both ends:2 7/8 TBG
Working pressure difference:≤25 Mpa
Throttle pressure difference:<0.1 MPa
Throttle orifice diameter:5 mm
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