Drop-in check valve

Date: 15 Dec 2009
Drop-in check valve, as an important tool to prevent well kick and a inside BOP, which is dropped into well and prevent well kick and blowout just as necessary, is used to control the inner pressure of drilling rod as running/retrieving drill is forced under well kick or a certain pressure. For it is not connected with drilling rod, it is convenient to execute various drilling operation.
As overflow happens under ground, , the check valve is dropped or pumped into the water hole of the Kelly, and moves to be held against the shoulder of the stop ring connected with the bottom of the on-station connector, the cone of the valve moves up, some hackle lockteeth of on-station connector and the teeth-block in the top of the check valve are locked each other, the cone moving up forces packer to dilate so as to seal the bore-wall, in the bottom hole sets steel ball and spring, the spring can load the steel ball into the sealing seat of the valve body, so that a strict seal mechanism is formed, here the on-station connector and check valve assembly composes a set of internal-BOP assembly.
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