Drip in check valve

Date: 26 Jan 2010
Summarize:Drip in check valve is  blowout preventer of drillinig stem . The  valve body
connect on the drilling stem. Drip in check valve is ball and seat of heavy duty, if onlu
drip in then.valve core at the mouth of the well,it turn into the valve body.
   Design:Drip in check valve is make up of n. valve core, valve body,and shield ring .The n.
valve core comprise pipe slips,slip,slip insert, seal, steel ball,spring, spring seat and so
   Use:Before the well is  kick, drip in  the n.valve core from  inner bore of drill   pipe
(spring seat dounwards),it will enter the seat automatic in force of gravity ( or pumping ).
In order Drip in check valve protect from high  pressure,at pump  off don`t open the  KELLY
COCK. After pull out of hole, nipple down the shield ring,you can take out of  the n. valve
   Care: All the Drip in check valve  has been used  must cleaned and  washed, chedk on the
quality of check valve parts,smeat grease to make provision for the future.
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