Arrow type check valve

Date: 26 Jan 2010
Arrow type check valve (check valve of drilling pipe) used to be installed  between drill
stem and bit to prevent drilling fluid backflow from the bottom. at special circumstances the
Arrow type check valve with flooding set connect on the drilling  tools,  the  core  of check
valve move upturn When  unfasten  setscrew.  the core will press the valve seat  so that the
 fluid can not flow upwards through the valve prevent blowout 
   Design: The body is a crossover sub in which the other parts are installed as fig 1. When
backflow occurring the Arrow will press to valve seat so that the fluid can not flow upwards
through the valve. When Arrow fall on  the down seat the circulating  of drilling fluid can
flow through the valve without pressure lose.
   Maintenance: The valve had used can be disassembled and take out all parts when the nut
was detached.  After they had be inspecting, cleaning and oiling then assembly can be assembl
-ed again for use next time.
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