Butterfly Valve(Hydraulic Counterweight)

Brief Introduction

Hydraulic Control Slow Closing Non-return Butterfly Valve, Normally named as Counterweight Butterfly Valve is one type of Advanced Products used for management on Controlling Equipments. They are widely used into the area of entrance of Turbine in Hydraulic Power Station, or installed in the pump exit of irrigation, electric and water treatment areas which can replace the functions of Gate valve and Check Valve. When such product of Hydraulic Counterweight Butterfly Valve is operated, this valve is matched together with main pipeline systems, based on the principle of water pass procedures, through the pre-set on/off procedures, effectively derived the water hammer through the pipeline to realize the flow cut-off and ensure a safety or protection function onto such systems

Hydraulic Control Slow Closing Non-return Butterfly Valve(Counterweight Butterfly Valve) from rechon vango valves are with features of small flow co-efficiency, high automatic, complete functions or devices, reliable performance which is one new high auto-tech. energy saving products designed and produced based on domestic/overseas similar areas covering valve, hydraulic and electric industries. With profound knowledge in such products, we rechon vango valve can also welcome customers' OEM order upon request to meet different areas requirement.

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Shanghai DaTian Valve Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd.
Zhuqiao Industrial Zone, Nanhui District, shanghai, shanghai, China [201323]
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