Butterfly Valve(292D Series Centerline)

Technical parameter and materials :Specification:DN350—1200
Pressure:PN0.6Mpa /PN1.0Mpa/ PN1.6Mpa
Product characteristic :●The double flange centerline butterfly valve is designed in according to the
  large-scale pipe network request, it is belong to the butterfly valve of pipe
●The body intensity is high, the safe coefficient is big, and then the body is
  able to resist high stress.
●The seat adopts the overall vulcanization structure, it is provided with the
  ability of resisting tearing apart, and deformation.
●Adopt to the connection with two spindles in the DN350—DN600 series, the two spindles are linked as whole by a screw thread, which control the
  displacement of disc bring from self-weight , the stopping bearing is fixed in
  all the stem bottom .
●Adapt to the connection with one spindles in the DN700—DN1200 series, it
  is provided with high bend strength.  Adopt to a flexible bush between
  lower spindle and disc, buildup the flexibility of disc. In the disc, one
  lubricate bush is assembled, which reduce the open/close torques. In the
  bottom of spindle, there is a folio annulus, which makes the disc and the
  spindle as a whole, guard against the displacement produced because of
  the self-weight, and guard against the movement of spindle.

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