butterfly valve(Pneumatic multi-level hard-seal)

Date: 20 Nov 2009

Product Description
Multi-level hard-seal butterfly valve series products, the Department of long-lived, energy-saving butterfly valve.Structure for its heart the principle of three-dimensional design, the use of hard and soft sealing seat multi-level compatible with the structure, processing skills, advanced technology.This product by the valve body, butterfly plates, multi-level valve seat, stem, transmission and other major components.Therefore been widely applied to metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical, air, gas, combustible gas and water supply and drainage channels, such as the corrosive medium.

Three characteristics and the principle of eccentric

1, deviation from the pipe center
2, deviation from the sealing surface center
3, the conical tilt

When the valve is turned on,Butterfly plate and valve seat in contact with the closure of the moment, the use of eccentric butterfly plate 1, offset 2 rapidly from the valve seat, reducing wear and tear, deputy sealed, friction torque in small, open and flexible.Eccentric cone 3, the valve in the open or closed when the butterfly valve plate through hole, the realization of contact seals.In addition, the cone-shaped butterfly plate is greater than the radius of the rotating position of sealing contact with the rotation of the Deputy radius, the butterfly plate in the closed valve clearance will be more tightening, to achieve self-locking to prevent board had butterflies bit.

【Structural characteristics】
Butterfly valve as a result of the use of this product is the principle of three-dimensional design eccentricity, so that sealing surface of the space to achieve ideal trajectory,Between the sealing surface without friction, non-interference, coupled with proper choice of sealing materials, so that the sealing butterfly valve, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, such as high temperature and has been a reliable guarantee. Its main features are as follows:

1, open the moment the small, flexible, convenient, energy-saving effort.
2, three-dimensional structure for the heart, so that the more related butterfly plate is tightening, the sealing performance and reliable, to no leakage.
3, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, long service life.

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