Trunnion type ball valve

★Sealed two-way valve of the upper reaches
  Trunnion type ball valve adopt advanced spring pretension float seat, sealed design mechanism of the upper reaches, no matter the valve can be realized sealing well under low-voltage , high pressure , vacuum. Each valve has two valve seats, two directions can both be sealed, therefore no direction restriction for the installition, no matter which end of valve regard as the upper reaches end two-way valve. (structure chart sees Fig. 1)
★Double blocks and discharges the valve
  When the trunnion ball valve full closed, the up and down reaches seat block fluid totally, Can discharging medium or stagnant filth of in cloaca cavity. moreover discharging the filth regularly, reduce the filth damage of the seals surface, extend valve service life . (structure chart sees Fig. 2)
★Valve cavity discharge automatically
   Trunnion ball valve use spring pretension seat, when the medium in the cavity rise pressure abnormity, can compress the spring and discharge automatically . (structure chart sees Fig. 3)

★Full bore or reduce bore:
  Can select the full bore or reduce bore according to the need. The full bore have same inside diameter with the pipeline, It is easy to clean the pipeline.

★Fire proof construction
  When the fire takes place in accident or unusually temperature rise to make the nonmetal valve seat soften and burn, special valve design support metal seal surface contact with the spheroid under spring loaded function, can play a instantaneous sealed role, accord with API 6FA or the regulation of API 607. (structure chart sees Fig. 4)

★auxiliary grease inject valve
  It play a temporarily sealed role. inject grease through the grease inject valve, After the valve spindle sealed system damaged. (structure chart sees Fig. 5)

★Sealed system of valve spindle
  Two inside and outside O seal ring in valve stem position, performance is reliable . (structure chart sees Fig. 6)

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