Thread pneumatic ball valve

    ALQ611F-16P Series thread ball valve, in the configuration of the pneumatic actuator, the appearance, small size and light weight, suitable for supporting the use of machinery and equipment.Valve structure to choose a variety of styles to meet customer demand for different industries.
    Anti-static design
    Explosion-proof device of stem
    Ball on the design of pressure balance holes
    Double stem packing with two shrapnel devices dish
    Clean valve body cavity design of the device


Air-driven: the compressed air 5-6bar (available with hand wheel)
DN: 15 ~ 100mm
Nominal pressure: 1.6 ~ 10.0Mpa
Applicable temperature: -29 ~ +178 ℃
Connection: thread, welding
Valve structure: type 2, type 3
Body material: 316L, 316,304, carbon steel
Core Material: 316L, 316
Sealing material: PTFE
The application of medium: gas, water and oil, etc.
Optional accessories: limit switches, positioning devices, solenoid valves, pressure relief valve
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