Regulate (cut off ) the ball valve ZSH Valve

First, summary
  ZSHV pneumatically V type regulates ball valve (hereafter referred to as the V ball valve), the spheroid with special V shape, it is a rotation type regulating valve with V shape notch. Especially suitable for controlling paper pulp , sewage disposal , pitch process, control of the tank field petroleum pipeline and containing fibres or the medium of viscidity particulate. There is axle of rotate at Valve core upper and lower end, valve seat with a ring can adjust strength of seal, When the valve open and closed bring wedge cutting fuction between the V shape ball and the seat. make sealing property superior to O type ball valve gate valve etc. it applies to regulate or cut off the medium in the pipeline in such industrial departments as petrochemical industry , papermaking , electricity , light industry , water treatment ,etc. mainly.

Second , structure and characteristic
  The V ball valve is made up of ZSH actuator and V shape ball valve two main parts, match with various kinds of electricity , pneumatic valve positioner , electromagnetic valve according to the required, feedback device and manual operation also available.
V ball valve structure compactness, good lubricative, can wipe the medium that may be affixed to valve core surface off automatically in the course of opening and closing. The valve flows unobstructedly, no dead angle, can prevent stopping up effectively. Valve core surface nitrogen treatment or Ni-P, can improve resistance to abrasion, the core valve seat structure of valve with eccentric can reduce wearing.

Third, operation principle
1. the valve localizer.
Valve localizer output differential signal enter the air cylinder after received regulate signal, actuator make the output of shaft rotate drive the core of the valve through the piston rod or the gear wheel, at the same time the localizer connecting with core rigidity feedbacks the feedback signal of cam, make the piston reach the balance state quickly, the core of the valve is fixed in position, while the signal changing, the piston moved, the core of the valve also stays in another position when reaching the balance, regulate signal and valve core position (namely valve hold position) form the corresponding relation like this, hereby the V ball valve proportion regulates function is realized.
2. complete with the electromagnetic valve
After the electromagnetic valve accepts the electric signal established , the air entered cylinder from one end, push the piston and drive the actuator output move of shaft, until the valve reaches the position that ?open or close completely. When the electric signal changes, the valve reaches another position, the valve can realize function of two way switch.

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