Full welded ball valve

The pressure in the pine line push the seat ring moving towards ball, thus form the sealing; as the sealing is formed by the line pressure itself, the performance will be better, in the mean time, it also reduced the operation torque of the actuator; while the ball cavity pressure exceed the line pressure, the pressure difference will push the seat off the ball to release the excessive pressure to the pipe pine; when the temperature rises, it won’t cause abnormal pressure rise in the valve cavity.
The pressure can be released to zero when the valve is in full close, full open or under pipe line pressure; also, the seeper, dirt or deposit can also be eliminated by removing the drainage plug on the valve body
In case the sealing element is destroyed by eye winker in the pipe line or smashing, sealant will be used to avoid leakage; the stem is designed with two part sealing, and sealant can be injected between.
ven when the seal is burned down by fire, the metal to metal seal design will be applied to avoid spread of fire.
Body to use high quality forged steel, with welding on the mid body, formed one piece; appearance design, high strength, light in weight, smart in volume; bolts and nuts are not adopted, thus no leakage point; suitable for under ground application.
he ball is supported by upper stem and the lower trunnion; the ball axle is maintained in it’s centerline, thus is good in sealing and operation; the low friction TFE in the stem and trunnion part enables the valve to operate smoothly and simply under pressure.
The ball valve series is maintenance free, thus greatly reduced user’s cost; the bearing, seal are adopt low friction co efficiency material, no lubricate is required
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Wenzhou Kesai Valve Co., Ltd
DongOu Industry Zone, Oubei Town, Yongjia, Wenzhou,Zhejiang, China[325105]
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