Pneumatic ball valve

Date: 20 Nov 2009

Pneumatic stainless steel flange ball valve

 ALQ641F-16P pneumatic flange ball valve series, use of fire prevention, anti-static, anti-stem the device technology, applicable to a wide range of adverse selection occasions.The use of the pneumatic actuator with ball valve all-in-one connectivity, without loading another frame, a decrease of connectivity caused by the installation of quality problems, as well as numerous plant equipment to save space.
    ※ Fire prevention, anti-static design
    ※ Explosion-proof device of stem
    ※ Ball on the design of pressure balance holes
    ※ Double stem packing with two shrapnel devices dish
    ※ Clean valve body cavity design of the device


Air drive: compressed air 4-6bar (available with hand wheel)
DN: 15 ~ 250mm
Nominal pressure: 1.6 ~ 4.0Mpa
Applicable temperature: -29 ~ +178 ℃
Connection: Flange
Valve structure: type 2, type 3
Body material: 316L, 316,304, carbon steel
Core Material: 316L, 316,304
Sealing material: PTFE, Alloy
The application of medium: gas, water and oil, etc.
Optional accessories: limit switches, positioning devices, solenoid valves, pressure relief valve

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