Pneumatic V-Ball

Date: 20 Nov 2009
Product Description

Nominal pressure: PN1.0, 1.6,2.5,6.4 Mpa, ANSI150, 300
DN: DN20 ~ 600mm
Operating temperature: hard seal: -40 ~ 300 ℃ soft seal: -40 ~ 180 ℃
Flow characteristics: the percentage of approximation, etc..
Gas pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa
Valve seat forms: hard movable sealed stainless steel, PTFE soft seal.
Main Material: Body (1) WCB (2) 304 (3) 316 (4) 316L
           Spool (1) 304 (2) 316 (3) 316L
Optional accessories: (1) Electric Valve Positioner: A. Domestic imports B.
         (2) solenoid valves, back to hearing devices
         (3) connecting flange, bolts: A.A3 stainless steel B.

Main Features
     1, compact structure, small size, can be installed on the advantages of vertical bed.
     2, with excellent regulation characteristics: V-type ball valve with a similar percentage, such as the inherent flow characteristics and adjustable up to 300:1 ratio. Therefore V-type valve can be changes in the wide range of sites to provide precise control.
     3, the largest flow volume: because of its sleek appearance, as well as right-angle turn over control of reason, so that the maximum volume is especially high, particularly the flow capacity, flow resistance, so you can use a smaller more economical and practical size of the valve.
     4, V-type ball valve dual-bearing structure, mechanical stability of high-performance, small torque to start to ensure that the valve has excellent sensitivity and speed sensors.
     5, the most reliable (Safety): The Body as a whole, sturdiness and durability, operating pressure from the pipe and valve body to avoid leakage.
     6, superior sealing metal valve seat: V-type ball valve using movable metal valve seat, self-compensation function, and has superior sealing performance and long life. In the flow, the leakage rate ≤ 10-6 × rated flow coefficient.
     7, superior shear capacity: V-type ball valve seal mining the structure of metal hardware, V-ball valve core and metal valve seat in the rotary process, V-notched with the valve seat have a strong shear force to cut off the fiber and other impurities, and has self-cleaning function, to avoid occurrence of valve stuck.
     8, can be produced by matching the pneumatic, electric, and air-conditioning-type, electric type regulation.
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