Electric V-Ball

Date: 20 Nov 2009

Product Description 

Valve seat is a metal core or metal seal of PTFE with the rotation of ball valve,Ball valve and butterfly valve will control the characteristics of the best combination of integrated, both can be used as a control valve can be shut-off valve off. Its main features are:
(1) without any of the integral pipe valve, pipe or bolt is therefore not subject to stress the impact of,And because there is no governing body joints, it will not be affected by the pressure of housing pressure "mutation" of the impact;
(2) with a V-valve, even in small volume or high-viscosity media can also be within the scope of the entire range to ensure the accuracy of control;
(3) leak-proof and durable seat liner in his Department has with outside diameter stainless steel cup with PTFE core or O-ring, valve seat with a larger cross-section made of tungsten carbide cobalt, alloys through a corrugated spring to further enhance the structure of the valve seat;
(4) When the valve closed, V-notched with the valve seat wedge between shearing and both self-cleaning function to prevent the ball stuck core, is particularly applicable to pipes freezing or scaling containing fibers and particles of solid occasions.
For high viscosity, slurry, pulp, such as unclean, including fiber media occasions. The use of direct connection with the executing agency, has compact structure, small size, light weight, small resistance, the advantages of stable and reliable action. Executive body configuration according to user requirements UNIC, PSQ, HQ, DHL and other types of electronic or electrical implementation of GTX, AL pneumatic piston, such as executing agency.

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